SANY’s First Ever Online Dealer Inauguration In Canada
2020-06-17 19:14:15
By Admin
On June 2, 2020, Canadian agent TMS held a unique opening ceremony-online live broadcast opening. This is a bold attempt and perfect innovation of our company’s digital marketing process.
The live broadcast was carried out on the two internationally popular social platforms FACEBOOK and ZOOM. The entire live broadcast lasted nearly 30 minutes in total. The main members attending the ceremony were: TMS President CHAD and Sales Director Mr. EDDY, Timmins MPP BISSEN, and Mr. SUMAN, Vice General Manager of Sany Heavy Machinery Canada BU.
After the live broadcast, the audience’s response to the live broadcast was relatively enthusiastic, mainly reflected in the live broadcast not only has a certain degree of viewing, photography and soundtrack are of the international documentary level, and the most exciting scene is carried out with the Sany excavator Cut the ribbon.
2020 is destined to be written into history. Under the circumstance of the COVID-19 epidemic, this extraordinary online opening ceremony of Sany Heavy Machinery’s Canadian agents is an attempt of our company in digital marketing. It is also an innovation of traditional engineering machinery industry ideas.
Dare to be the first in the world, everything comes from customers, everything comes from innovation, Sany Heavy Machinery goes with you all the way.